Sunday wasn’t a special day: I still had problems with my knee while Linda, my niece, had an otitis and under those circumstances we weren’t able to organize something interesting like a short excursion anywhere. Giovanna was feeling back in the hospital with all those sick people (considering that Simone was visiting on Saturday evening, after having been rescued during a scuba diving in which he almost drowned). Late in the afternoon Giovanna’s friends Chiara and Filippo (he’s still so yummy!!!) were visiting together with their beautiful 2 years old son, Tommaso. My mother and I went also to visit my grandmother who was very glad to see me again. I had then my flight back to Amsterdam at half past 9 which means I was at home not before that half past midnight… Somehow, no matter which train I’m getting off, the tram number 12 leaves just seconds before I reach the stop: it’s synchronized to be missed by all kind of passengers! Evil 👿