Yesterday we had such a pleasant weather in Amsterdam! The sun was shining bright up in the sky and  the wind wasn’t too cold. Since it was also a car-free Sunday, I could have had a nice time riding the bike, if only I didn’t feel pain at my knees (and I didn’t catch a little cold). Pity. At least I enjoyed the sunlight coming into my living room through the nice wide window I have.
I spent also my Sunday (after the Bree-Saturday) lying either on my bed or couch watching some anime and TV series and eating some delicious grapes 😛 I watched just a couple of episodes of Monster, which is sometimes too slow for me to stay awake (btw, there is an episode set in Berlin, with its famous yellow trams, very nice!), while I managed to watch the whole series Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート, Erufen Rīto): I still don’t know how to rate it… Too splatter even for me and too sexist, but beside these negative elements, it’s the most sad anime I ever seen after Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓, Hotaru no Haka). For ilGrisa’s pleasure, I also watched some episodes of Eureka: I still don’t understand how he can follow this series, because it’s really silly, but, ok, it’s nice to relax and Colin Ferguson (another Canadian!) is yummy 😛
But today is the H-day! NBC will finally broadcast this evening (their time) the first episode of Heroes: Volume 2. Speaking of which, I just found on Facebook two applications Addicted to Heroes and Addicted to Desperate Housewives: I’ve been playing yesterday night and this morning to their trivia-quiz :mrgreen:
I’m so good at the Heroes one that I almost never answered wrong (2 mistakes over 90 questions and, for the audience, Chandra Suresh‘s book is Activating Evolution not Discovering Evolution!), but I still don’t realize how this could have happened:

How did Juanita Solis die?
Answer Choices
She got hit by a car Andrew was driving. (50%)
< this is what I also answered, wrong, utterly wrong!
She died in a coma, all alone. (5%)
She woke up from her coma and fell down the stairs. (41%)
Gabrielle. (4%)

I’m unworthy watching Desperate Housewives 😦


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