Summer’s gone

Summer is definitively ending: while last week we had a couple of really mild and sunny days, this morning I had to travel again by tram because it was too rainy to ride the bike. Obviously, once I boarded the tram, the rain stopped and we got stucked in the traffic: almost one hour travel time instead of 15 minutes by bike 😦 If I consider that I didn’t sleep last night, I shouldn’t be surprised to feel frustrated, annoyed and bitchy… Let’s have some Belgian chocolate to improve my mood: I have a very important meeting at lunch and I should really be fit for it.

On Sunday, when I arrived at the Amsterdam Centraal train station I felt, for the first time, at home: thanks to the weekend in Belgium I could finally realize that I’m living in the Netherlands. I know it sounds weird but I was still considering myself as a Berliner abroad… And now? Who am I? I’m not longer a Berliner, not yet from Amsterdam…