The world

I started this post when Emiliano was visiting because of the IBC, when I watched the 25th and 26th episode of Death Note that somehow mark another (and bigger) change in the plot: they could also work as a first end of the series, almost better then the official one, which surprisingly comes after 11 more episodes and that I watched last Friday.
While most of the best anime are very psychological, the main character is looking for his own ego and true personality (like in Neon Genesis Evangelion or Haibane Renmei as well as in RahXephon, but I didn’t finish it yet), Death Note is definitively more philosophical/political. This is the reason why I’m currently wondering what justice is, what good and evil are, whether they are distinct, who decides that. Yagami Light is going to create a new world by killing all the criminals and everyone else is going to stop him: is this for world’s sake or is this Light’s personal gain? Is really this what people intimately whish, although they publicly disapprove it? Light is mean and manipulator, he’s never going to stop, he’s definitively evil… but he’s got my support and my sympathy… why? Is that easy for a writer, a director, a painter to make people love evil? Amazing… and frightening.