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In Life on September 17, 2007 by Pino

I’ve been chatting since almost one year with a nice bearcub, Vincent, from Brussels and last weekend we finally met: he’s Italian, his parents are Italian too (from Marche), but they lived in (French speaking) Belgium ever since.
It was very funny to meet him: sometimes we couldn’t understand whose Italian knowledge was worse. Probably I should have spoken French more often: my ears were alredy delighted by listening to that language on the train (I finally travelled by Thalys) on the streets and by him with his friends. I should even say that I could understand him more easily than Jean-François, for instance. I was surprised when he told he’s usually talking in English with some Flemish friends because they don’t speak French as well as he doesn’t speak Dutch. Wow, English as lingua franca between people living in the same country…
I was his guest and I really liked his appartment in the southern part of the city: classy furnished and with love for detail. Quite fast I realized he’s definitively more Bree than me:mrgreen: So cool! I finally found someone more cleaning-, order- and control-freak than me!

We had a lot of fun together and I felt like we were old friends. Two pazze in Brussels is probably the best expression😉

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  1. I knew Belgians in Russia who spoke to each other in Russian as neither of them knew each other’s language well enough. Impressive, eh?

  2. Definitively impressive! I thought they were teached both languages… I’m going to ask Vincent more info😉

  3. I’m guessing, but I’ve got a feeling the Dutch-speaking Belgians tend to speak better French than the French-speakers do Dutch.

  4. What could be impressive, it’s when two Italians, both born in Italy, both having studied Italian in an Italian school, talk to each other in English because it comes easier … that’s my day-to-day experience.

  5. Well… Also Desi and I were used to speak half in German and half in Italian for the same reason: some words are for me much more common in German than Italian (e.g. vegetable names:mrgreen: ).
    But Belgium is made up by two different cultures which are not well integrated: the result is today’s Belgian politic situation.

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