In the last two days I went quite often to the red light district 😛 Sunday was Dennis’ first time in Amsterdam and we had a quick tour around the most important spots of the city, while yesterday I simply refreshed Emiliano’s memories late in the evening. For me is one of the most beautiful part of Amsterdam: small streets, canals, bridges, lights… yes, they’re everywhere, but somehow in the red light district there’s something more, which is probably only indirectly connected to sex. Yesterday evening I was wondering what the prices for a fuck or a blowjob are; Emiliano saw a girl saying fifty to a customer: I guess that was for a 2 minutes blowjob :mrgreen: what do you think? Anyone with similar experience? Surprisingly I also saw some really nice girls! Probably in the evening the quality of the goods is higher. I was then fancying what it could look like if instead of women I would find men, or, rather, bears, behind the windows… Mmm 😛

Pino! Back to earth, please!

On Sunday a man was listening to me and Dennis talking in German and he said

Los geht’s! Ficken überall!

It was quite weird, because I was used to be approached in Italian 😀 Anyway, a couple of meters away another man tried to catch our attention but before we could answer:

– Oh, sorry, are you gay?
– Yes
– Both of you?
– Yes
– This might be my unlucky day


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