Den döda vinkeln

I still didn’t finish to watch Death Note, but after 20 episodes I noticed a huge change in the plot (I’m not spoiling anything) and now I could at least blog about the first part: simply amazing! I was looking for the English translation of the German düster, which is for me the best word to describe it, and I found gloomy, dusky and, even, sepulchral but I’m not sure which one is the correct in this case. Probably all of them 😉 As for Code Geass, the main character is negative… Well, Light is way much more negative than Lelouch. He’s evil and fucking smart but his nemesis, L, is just as brilliant: their fight is then breathtaking and at a very high level…
Yesterday I was strolling around Amsterdam with Dennis when I saw a shop named L with the same logo as in the anime. Scary… I wonder if it’s just a coincidence; the manga is 4 years old, after all.


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