Some days are better than others

How true this sentence is! But I would like to say that some weeks are better than others, since my last week was whole, completely, utterly rubbish. One of those to be ripped off the calendar.

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong

Everything important is fine: I still have my job, I’m not sick (well, I’m still insane), my relatives and friends are well and sound (except for ilGrisa who is probably more insane than I). But a lot of small things went really wrong: it’s frustrating! I even got mail back because the stamp probably detached :mrgreen: That’s sfiga.
But the worst experience was about my Kula Shaker concert: exactly 10 minutes after I received the tickets for their show on October 16 (a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday, which is on October 14: presents are more than welcome) I got an email by HR regarding a mandatory course I have to attend (with compulsory overnight stay) on October 16, 17 and 18. Na toll! I was so excited to see Kula Shaker performing live…


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