Makes me wonder

Me and AnoukThese days is not easy for me to post on my blog: at work I have finally a lot to do and more is going to come and when I’m at home I’d like to relax listening to music or watching movies (btw, I’m not downloading buying anything new, do I really have to restart watching RahXephon? 😉 just teasing). Beside this, writing in English has become even more difficult and that’s strange because lately I make much more use of that language than before… Weird.

On Friday my company organized an excursion to somewhere in the south (I though I could find the exact location on their website, but they probably have more than one) where we participated to a ducktrail: a treasure hunt on Citroën 2CV. I know it sounds really funny and… it actually is! We were organized by groups of 4 and I was with Anil, Karin and Erwin another guy whose name I forgot 😳 Eventually we didn’t win and I lost my cap somewhere when I stood up to feel the air on my face :mrgreen: But I would like to repeat the experience anytime! I really enjoyed any minute of it. We even had a stop in a farm where I tasted the best apple juice ever. Delicious!

Later in the evening we went back to Amsterdam and we had a wonderful dinner at the Supper Club Cruise: a very exclusive club on a boat that takes a tour in the harbor while the dinner is served. There is even some entertainment with music and a drag queen show. Memorable.