Donker hart

Me in AmsterdamUh, it’s been a long time since my last post, I know. I was really busy during the weekend with Isabelle visiting and yesterday I had to write some reports that kept me away from my blog. But now your favourite worst nightmare is back, well and sound, ready to write something about his vibrant life :mrgreen: Actually, I started yesterday writing this post but then I had again a couple of meetings and I’m finishing it now…

Isabelle was supposed to bring me some of my belongings I left in Berlin, but Carmine, who’s living in my flat didn’t manage to find my rucksack, nor my tea cups nor my iPod remote control, even if my instructions were accurate and/or well-timed. So bad 😦 He’s an impiastro.

On Saturday, Isabelle and I strolled around the city for the most interesting and touristic places: it was quite weird for me… I never though I was going to live here and I never paid attention to where I exactly was, when I visited Amsterdam with Erik and Jörg, which is why I almost re-discovered the city and I continuously said

Oh! Here we are! Oh this is here!

I know it sounds weird, but it was really like that. We spent also a lot of time in touristic shops where Isabelle was looking for a cup for her collection and where she bought also some cookies and candies with hemp (what else?).
In the afternoon we were around Niewmarkt (and the Red Light District) and we had a sandwich and fresh juice at Latei a nice place on the Zeedijk where everything is sold: tables, chairs, ornaments… all with a strong retro flair. After my sandwich with humus Isabelle gave me a candy with hemp which didn’t taste bad but as soon as I went out the bar I was a bit confused… I still don’t know whether the candy or the sunlight was responsible… Later we walked through Bloemenmarkt to Leidseplein (close to which is my office) and to the Vondelpark, where we had some rest after the busy day. I was talking to Isabelle about a bike for 6 people when we heard some loud noise approaching: a bike-cafe for up to 17 people 😀 I really wanna try it too!
We were so tired that we went home to eat something before going out later… This means, in other words, that we didn’t have a serious dinner (some chips, a bapao, small snacks) and we didn’t go out either: we plunged ourselves in the sofa, we watched to a couple of movies and TV shows and when Krijn informed me by sms that he and his bf were going home instead of enjoying the uitmarkt, we became even lazier… Shame on us… But we had so much fun, I really don’t regret it. I’m sure I have a lot of anecdotes more but I cannot remember them right now 😉

On Sunday morning we went by tram to Spui (I don’t know if it’s just a street, or an area or probably an old canal now burrowed, Erik told me about it but I wasn’t really listening :mrgreen: ) and precisely to the Begijnhof a nice and lovely courtyard in the middle of the city center. Walking towards the central station we stopped at the courtyard of the Amsterdam Historisch Museum and in all the shops on Calvenstraat and Nieuwendijk because Isabelle was looking for a bag (as all women do) and for a sweater against the cold breeze. Somehow we ended again in the Red Light District and Chinatown… mmm… I don’t remember how… Anyway, Isabelle had fun in a Chinese shop and we had a Chinese lunch too, not really delicious though. Later we took a boat tour on the canals with some tickets I got for free: the tickets were actually valid just for a short trip but nobody checked them and we stayed on the boat almost 2 hours :mrgreen: and the tickets are still valid now! I’m going to use them again and again and again… Some Italians were on the boat with us: a woman had a really strange accent we couldn’t identify. We thought she was either Swiss or Italian was not her mother tongue, but I wasn’t satisfied: I knew, her accent could have had a better explanation. Eventually Isabelle referred to her as countess and I couldn’t spot laughing… She was right 😀 After a coffee at Singel 404 and some shopping we went to the Dam square to take the tram back home where we watched to the Simpsons Movie: sooo funny! Before we went to bed Isabelle watched a bit of Dutch TV, TMF (MTV-like channel), which broadcasted… Sabrina Salerno!!! Nooo, it’s a curse!

I had more things to blog about but I’m tired to write this post and I don’t want to bore you… Oh yes, the post’s title… Let me shortly explain: it’s a nice song by the Dutch group Bløf which is very succesful right now because it’s their last single. I love the song and especially its name: donker sounds like the German dunkel (dark), while hart sounds like the English heart… It’s a nice example how Dutch language is closely related to both English and German.

Bedenk je soms opeens:
Je doet het niet voor hun
Je doet het niet voor mij
En zelfs niet voor jezelf
Je bent de zin voorbij
Jij hebt een donker hart
Voelt je vaak verward
Maar dat wil niet zeggen
Dat alles dan
Alles dan
Alles dan ook meteen zinloos is