You don’t know what love is (you just do what you’re told)

Per sfatare la leggenda secondo la quale ho iniziato a postare in italiano perchè lo fa anche ilGrisa, questo post sarà in inglese. In realtà nessuno mi ha accusato di copiare ilGrisa, è una cosa a cui ho pensato ieri sera facendo le pulizie. Qualcuno potrebbe dire che ho la coda di paglia o che la prima gallina che canta ha fatto l’uovo, dando così più credito all’infondata leggenda. Sì, mi faccio taaante masturbazioni mentali.

Having a TV in the office is a nice way to improve our business: we have the possibility to check what the competition does, to be always up-to-date with the coolest and hottest music tracks. Well, luckily we don’t always have to listen to them, because one thing is to know that hip-hop is always en vogue, something else is to be bothered by it :mrgreen:
TV is anyway very mesmerizing: the new single, Wake Up Call, by Maroon 5 (god bless Adam Levine’s parents) is so high rotating that I liked it even before I listened to the song. I got the whole album but… mmm… I’m not really convinced.

My tour through the American heroes has ended yesterday when I watched 4 -Rise of the Silver Surfer: a really bad movie. I didn’t like the plot, the characters and situations were not funny as in the previous episode, the actors’ performance disappointing… I didn’t find any single positive element. Mmm, well, some Michael Chiklis’ or Chirs Evans’ shots were actually worth it 😛


3 thoughts on “You don’t know what love is (you just do what you’re told)

  1. Minchia non mi so far capire nemmeno in italiano 😀
    La leggenda è nata cresciuta e morta solo dentro la mia testa mentre cucinavo/facevo le pulizie ieri.

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