Wake me up when September ends

The movie (and anime) weekend continued yesterday too when I enjoyed the sky view from my living room, some Italian pastries (and also Dutch ones) and lazyness: I will have time to party and be crazy next weekend when Isabelle will be here visiting.
Just to be even more melancholic I watched The Bourne Supremacy, which is mainly set in Berlin and Moscow (and 5 minutes in Amsterdam too) with nice views over the cities. I usually don’t like action movies (with few exceptions like the first Mission: Impossible) but this one wasn’t really bad: I appreciated the plot even if it was almost too simple… I should probably watch also the first episode of the series: The Bourne Identity.
Later I watched also Haibane Renmei, an anime suggested by ilGrisa (who else?): it is very slow and philosophical but very interesting (not like RahXephon which is only slow slow slow and, yes, also slow 😉 soon or later I will watch it too and I will say it’s fantastic, otherwise ilGrisa won’t host me in NYC anymore).

Somehow I was also devastated by other memories when I accidentally found my ex Davide in a chat… Wow, he was my boyfriend (for a very short time, like… mmm… 6 months probably) almost 8 or 9 years ago but it didn’t work out very well: we even split up with some resentment 😦 he also called my mom at the phone asking

Where is that faggot of Giuseppe?

My mom didn’t even understand properly the word faggot :mrgreen: She’s probably still wondering what frosio means (in Italian faggot is frocio)…
Yes, my life is full of anecdctes :mrgreen:
Although I don’t feel grudge anymore I didn’t contact him, I don’t know why, actually I’m wondering how his life’s going.
Beside this I also found on youtube the video of Electrasy’s Morning Afterglow, a pretty unknown song which I was often listening to while I was with Nicola…
Definitively the Sunday of the ex’s 🙂

I’m not going to post the video of Morning Afterglow, you can find it clicking on the link above, but this Dutch commercial which is also set in Berlin:

Since I had already a post named Morning afteglow I changed the name of this post into my second choice…


4 thoughts on “Wake me up when September ends

  1. As you may have realized, I like slow anime’s and movies!
    Did you finish Haibane Renmei? The end is absolutely spectacular. And about Rahxephon … you gotta watch! and stop complaining!!!

  2. I love them too Luca! Don’t let me be misunderstood… But sometimes I’m not in the mood and I prefer something more… lively 🙂
    This evening I will watch the 4 last episodes of Haibane Renmei.

  3. Um and by the way: The Bourne series sucks!
    The movies I mean, because the novels were great. The movies are just action movies and all the spy stories of the novels are lost.

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