Fabulously lazy

Oh my (aubergine) god, I was really lazy today… I don’t know exactly why, I just didn’t feel like doing anything :mrgreen: The day wasn’t unproductive, the Bree in me did her job as usual, but for the rest of the time I was just on my own watching movies (I finally managed to watch Closer, which I really appreciated, just to discover that Jude Law is definitively British) and stuff like that.
My sister called me a couple of time today: she was supposed to be in Bamberg but she eventually went to Fulda first and then to München (Munich). She surprisingly appreciates Germany, although she never liked Berlin, but everyone knows, Berlin is not like the rest of Germany. Absolutely not like Southern Germany at least, that her friend Simone considers as his second home.

Yesterday I went after work with Sophie to Heinekenplein (only Dutchmen could name a square after a beer… ok… it’s not named after the beer, but it was funny to say 😀 ), which teems with bars and pubs, to have a drink together and with some friends of her.
We also had a small discussion about the German word for cheese. I won: it’s definitively der käse, not die käse.

Never thought I’d get any higher
Never thought you’d fuck with my brain
Never thought all this could expire
Never thought you’d go break the chain
Me and you baby,
Still flush all the pain away
So before I end my day
My sweet prince
You are the one
My sweet prince
You are the one