It was unexpected (well, actually I’ve been waiting it since 8 years, wow, 8 years? it’s been a long long time), but today I got the brand new Kula Shaker album, Strangefolk.
I’m listening to it right now and I love any single song of it: Crispian did a very good job again… Can’t wait to see them performing live.
Lately I had luck with music: first the good album by The White Stripes, now the Kula Shaker and in October the new by Stereophonics: it’s a great, great time! 😉
I just need some more Placebo or Muse, but they released their last album last year and they’re not going to score something new anytime soon. Too bad :mrgreen:
Now I just want to attend some concerts: I found, indeed, on some interesting shows for the upcoming fall/winter season.