All that you can’t leave behind

I can’t believe it! I started this post in English and after a couple of rows I deleted everything because I couldn’t say something meaningful. Then I switched to Italian to feel more comfortable, but it didn’t work out either. What’s going on? Let’s try one more time…

On Friday I went to the financial office of Amsterdam to collect my sofinummer (social fiscal number) with which I can finally be considered as a person in the Netherlands :mrgreen: Now I can earn money, pay taxes, have my bank account, health insurance and so on. Cool, isn’t it?
Speaking about health, I was unfortunately quite sick on Friday evening and on Saturday too 😦 Still nothing serious, just headache and tiredness, but it’s annoying anyway. However, I had time to clean up my flat for my sister is coming to visit on Wednesday.
Since the weather on Saturday was gorgeous but I didn’t make the best out of it (I was supposed to meet Maria), I decided to join Erik and Jörg on a Sunday walking tour through a nice Dutch national park quite close to Amsterdam.
Everytime I have such a walk with them I experience a flashback into my childhood when I used to spend all my summer weekends on hiking trails. I would really like to see again my beloved Adamello-Brenta national park where bears still populate woods, the lago d’Aviolo, probably not the most beautiful of the area but the richest of my memories, the Stelvio national park, the Marmolada and again the Cadore but also the mountains which surround Bergamo…

This is more or less the summary of my weekend, beside this I watched the movie Lola Rennt (set on the streets of Berlin, it was nice to look at them again), the finale of DS9 (sooo boring!), a couple of episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist (I still don’t understand whether is worth watching it) and I spent a lot of time on youtube watching old sketches from the Pippo Chennedy Show

Dandiii, come devo fare come devo fare, come devo fare?

and by the Trio Marchesini-Lopez-Solenghi 😀
Somehow I was expecting to have much more to post about 😯