Ethnic cleansing

I was reading laRepubblica without thinking that during August in Italy doesn’t happen anything and the newspapers are full with stupid things. When Berlusconi was prime minister he usually had some silly jokes to talk about from his villa in Sardinia, but now he’s apparently relaxing (with his harem). However, Italians are really lucky, especially in the north where LegaNord (those who have it always hard) is everywhere represented.
The brainless vice mayor in Treviso finally said it out loud:

We’re going to ethnic cleaning all the faggots

His 15 minutes of fame.
Update for Italian readers:


6 thoughts on “Ethnic cleansing

  1. Jesus, how mad. Do politicians get in trouble for saying this sort of thing or do people just laugh it off (or, worse, take it seriously)?

  2. God, he seems properly nuts. What was that extraordinary poster he was roaring in front of? Looks like the strong man on a bottle of cleaning fluid, or a political poster from the 1920s.

  3. It’s so fascist! The poster, the party, the man… Everything. And he also claims it! He says he’s been inspired by his childhood when he learnt the discipline and the respect for law by the fascist party! Unbelievable…

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