Promises not necessary

While I’m finally watching 天空のエスカフローネ (The Vision of Esclaflowne), which is not too bad, I also had a vision on Sunday: cold on Monday, hot on Sunday, cold on Wednesday? I’m going to be sick. Ok, it was not very difficult to have this vision, but I’m sick anyway 😦 Nothing I couldn’t survive, obviously: headache, sore throat, maybe a bit of fever. It’s just difficult to stay concentrated.

ねえ 愛したら誰もが
ねえ 暗闇よりも深い苦しみ

Nee, aishitara
Dare mo ga konna kodoku ni naru no?
Nee, kurayami yori mo
Fukai kurushimi dakishimeteru no?
Nani mo kamo ga futari kagayaku tame
Kimi o kimi o aishiteru
Kokoro de mitsumeteiru

So is everybody this lonely when they’re in love?
They’ll hold onto a pain deeper than the shadows?
It’s all to make us shine, I just know it
I love you, I love you,
I gaze at you with my heart

Yesterday Steve Jobs presented the all new iMac: wow, it’s so classy and beautiful! I just wonder who is going to buy it now, with Leopard coming in October… Let’s see. The .mac subscription has become even more attractive, though it’s still don’t worth € 99 per year.


One thought on “Promises not necessary

  1. Wow the new iMacs are very classy, and the so much bashed new keyboard is in line with its new chassis and doesn’t look bad at all!
    Also iWork got updated! Finally adding a spreadsheet.

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