Bad day

In Life on August 7, 2007 by Pino

I had my first bad day: at work I didn’t have much to do and the day was somehow meaningless, the sun disappeared but the temperatures didn’t substantially decrease, and it rained all along my way back home😦 I was sooo wet! I should probably buy a raincoat…

As I promised, I uploaded a couple of pictures of the Gaypride, but I don’t have as many (good) shots as Jörg, so, please, just look at his photostream to have a little taste of the weekend celebrations.
On Sunday, while I was dancing, my mother called:

Me: Pronta?
Mom: Oh, are you on the street? Do I have to call you later?
Me: No, calling me later won’t probably change anything: I will be still celebrating:mrgreen:
Mom: Btw, where are you exactly? What kind of celebrations are you attending?
Me: Mmm, well… the gaypride🙂
Mom: What’s that?
Me: The day for gays…
Mom: Mmm, ok, be careful…
Me: As usual😉 Ciao!
Jörg: Saluti!
Me: Did you hear Jörg? He’s greeting you and he speaks good Italian, wanna talk with him?
Mom: Oh, well, mmm, actually… no, no… Have a nice time, I call you tomorrow.
Me: Ciao!

6 Responses to “Bad day”

  1. You’re simply mean, povera mamma!

  2. “Mom: Oh, well, mmm, actually… no, no… Have a nice time, I call you tomorrow.” well.. this is actually your mother…😀

  3. Why ‘povera mamma’? I’m not mean with her, I just said the truth…:mrgreen:

  4. I didn’t say you’re mean *with* her, but that you’re *to* (or is it *at*) her!
    And besides, you’re simply mean … and you know it! :-p

  5. You know I can’t correctly use English prepositions🙂 You probably understood what I was meaning…
    Ok, I’m mean… ok, ok… Said it out loud, I don’t mind…:mrgreen:

  6. I don’t need to say it out loud, it’s common knowledge!

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