Boys, boys, boys

If you were wondering where I’ve been the last weekend, I have one easy answer: GayPride Amsterdam. Like the Queen’s Day in April, this whole-city-party was amazing!
I met Erik&Jörg on Friday night at the Rembrandtplein where a new gay group, Bearforce1, was performing on the stage: it was really funny to see their act which was a medley of some very famous 80’s songs. One snippet was taken from Boys by Sabrina Salerno, whose indecent video I already posted a while ago :mrgreen:
Unfortunately I was somehow tired and my brain and body were already switched off long before I went home by bike, too bad, because we met a lot of nice and funny people.

On Saturday, after breakfast, we went by bike to the Prinsengracht, just behind the Westerkerk (probably my favourite church in Amsterdam), to watch the parade on the water (afaik, the only one in the world): it was really funny and a lot of people were watching and having fun. The boat I appreciated at most was by TNTPost: they had nice music and a nice show. Jörg probably liked more the Bearforce1 boat and took this nice picture 🙂
Later Jörg went home to rest a bit (great idea, actually) while Erik and I went to Rembrandtplein where we met some friends and we attended the concert of Willeke Alberti, de koningin van het Nederlandse lied. Surrounded by Dutch folk music I suddenly recognized the melody of the well known Italian song Marina 😀 Finally I could sing along with Willeke! Whoohoo! I even surprised a couple of people who were not expecting to hear someone singing such a good Italian…
After the concert, we met Jörg, we watched for the 1000 time the Bearforce1 performance and then we went outside the Amstel Taverne to listen to the (Dutch) music, enjoying the good weather, laugh, see the people dancing at their windows and… I was sooo tired at midnight! Wow! Such a full day!

Yesterday the party was not over yet and I meet my friends again at the stage just outside the Opera. I took also a couple of pictures I will post later, but I’m very curious to see those by Jörg: they should be really funny. Unfortunately the afternoon became evening quite quickly but I had really great time.