Sweet emotion

I can’t really explain my life during the last three days. The new job is starting in the best way and although I’m not very busy yet, I have a lot of things to do and take care of: I don’t have then much time for blogging, but surprisingly neither too much to blog about. My life is just fine, but not like one year ago when I was more apathetic than happy: I have a new life to discover and I have to make the best out of it.
Luckily the worries that bothered me last week (until I became almost depressive) almost disappeared while meeting the friendly people of Glomobi: I just think more positive to enjoy these feelings even longer, but after three years in Jamba it’s quite difficult, I still expect the worst from the people that surround me (but probably this is also my personality :mrgreen: ).

Wednesday, after my first day at work, I went with Maria to Vertigo, a nice cafe and restaurant close to the Filmmuseum in the Vondelpark. I had a delicious burger and we talked a lot about our time in Jamba and our future in Amsterdam 😉 Later I went home (obviously by bike) where I had to explain my brother how to use BitTorrent

Yesterday I had my first official lunch break with my colleagues. Actually we already had a lunch together when I came here to sign the contract, while on my first day I was kindly invited by my boss to have lunch at Palladium (their tuna sandwich is… mmm…). It is nice to have lunch altogether because we have time to socialize.
During lunch I could also ask what De Ruijter products are… well, they’re sprinkles: something I was used to see only on some objectionably colored cakes. I never imaged that Dutchmen spread them on bread as I usually do with Nutella or peanut butter (btw, somehow Dutch peanut butter is very tasty). Today I finally had my first slice of bread with De Ruijter: mmm lekker, but probably too sweet.

Together with the new job I have also a new laptop: a gorgeous Sony Vaio with… Windows Vista Business (Super Mobile Advance 2 Pro :mrgreen: ).
Yes, Microsoft copied most of the MacOSX functionalities but they still don’t know what simplicity and minimalism is. Even for PC users, Vista is a pain in the ass, but it’s still nothing compared with what they done to Office2007: the menu bar has been substituted by the ribbon, which is full of colors, buttons and commands sorted in a completely new way. Currently most of my time at work is spent to find where all my favorite actions have gone 😯


One thought on “Sweet emotion

  1. Now that I *have* to use Windows, I remember why I hated Windows so much. All considered, it’s always good to realize that Windows-bashing is not partisan, but is because Windows sucks!
    I’m waiting for Leopard to come out and for the next generation of Macbook Pro (and to have money to spend) before buying a new laptop. It will be sometime in January, that’s my guess.

    De Ruijter since 1860! Wow I were making up a country and the Dutch people were inventing the sprinkles! http://www.deruijter.nl

    I’m happy to here your moving to Amsterdam has been smooth and, despite some initial depressing moods, now you’re liking it. So you know now what you have to do: work on the Dutch!

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