How to be dead

With the following words ends the first season of Code Geass (in the version subbed by Your-Mom), one of the best, or, probably, the best anime I’ve ever seen:

Exist to chase for happiness.
A guy of Britannia…
What Lelouch was looking for,
Is just that bit of happiness.
It’s not something special.
The root of his actions,
As a person, they are very tiny wishes which are obvious in everyone.
These dreams,
These words, who can renounce them?
Who has that right?
But, however,
No matter who, no matter what the wish is,
One cannot bind others and the world to himself.
Determine one’s fate.
If one allows the thoughts of others
To go beyond that of the world,
His existence is merely one which is drifting by the waves.
Crime and punishment.
Fate and judgment.
What is blocking Lelouch is
The past he created.
It is hate between people.
Even then, he should be thanking now.
At least…
It is a fact that humans exist to pursue happiness.
All the wishes. Concealing those yearning.
They are born from despair.

The problem is that the first seasons doesn’t properly end! Already the fact that an anime goes beyond one season is surprising, but this final is way too open! It’s grandiose and epic, yes… but I wish I could discover more about the secrets the plot introduces… Aaargh!