I believe in you

Yesterday Marica sent me a link to an Italian blog with this test. I obviously liked it, more or less translated in English (I will never know what is the English counterpart of the Italian voler bene, question 18) and put on my blog. Nobody will answer the questions, but my blog has now a post more :mrgreen:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Are we friends?
  3. When and where did we meet?
  4. Are you happy you met me?
  5. Do you have a crush on me?
  6. What if I would kiss you?
  7. Did you ever want to punch me?
  8. Give me a nickname and explain why…
  9. Describe me with a word.
  10. Describe me with another word…
  11. You first impression about me?
  12. Do you think the same now about me?
  13. What does make you remember me?
  14. What would you give me, if you could?
  15. How well do you know me?
  16. When did you see me last time?
  17. There is something you always wanted to say me?
  18. How much do you like me?
  19. Do you think sometimes about me?
  20. Would you put this test on your blog to discover what I think of you?

2 thoughts on “I believe in you

  1. Too English to answer such intimate questions, of course. Can’t we talk about the weather and cucumber sandwiches?

    Glad you seem to be settling in to Amsterdam OK.

  2. 01. Like you don’t know
    02. That’s a good question … no, kidding. It’s not a good question, is it?
    03. Too many years ago in a place doesn’t exist anymore
    04. Guess so
    05. Honestly. You’re not my type, but it’s me not you.
    06. “Flattered but not interested” always works
    07. Of course! What kind of a question is that?
    08. I’m not good to nick-name people
    09. Traveler
    10. Planck constant
    11. Uptight
    12. You? Uptight? Well depends … :p
    13. Skype, I guess
    14. A punch … oh no I already answered that …
    15. On a scale between 0 and 10, it’s off-scale … but I’m not gonna tell which side
    16. Something like six months ago … already forgot?
    17. Of course: no
    18. I think I already answered this somehow somewhere: no tricks, please
    19. At times
    20. Don’t think so, but I can always change my mind

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