Slippery when wet

Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging, sometimes I’m just too lazy, sometimes I can’t find English words, today it was all of them. I have a sort of sleeping sickness, I guess: whatever I do, I fall asleep 🙄 Even a short trip by bike didn’t really help…
But before I go to bed I just wanted to spend a couple of words about yesterday: I obviously read my new Harry Potter (wow, in less than 100 pages already happens a lot and a couple of characters even die) trying to be as slow as I could (today I was more successful :mrgreen: ) and in the late afternoon I went by bike to Erik&Jörg who organized a really delicious (as usual) welcome-dinner 😛 They were very friendly to celebrate my relocation to Amsterdam.
Riding my bike wasn’t still without technical problems but at least I easily found my way and I had the chance to experience the city from a very nice point of view.