Yesterday officially began my battle against Dutch bureaucracy: if the registration at the foreigners police was quickly and painless (beside the fact that I have to provide my birth certificate), the finance ministry probably doesn’t want my money because I have to wait August 10 to get my social number. The problem is, that until that day I can’t work, have a bank account and so on… Such a mess: it’s not really a good start. In my new home is almost everything ok but I still didn’t find a good place for my iMac. I even had a ride on the bike but I need to learn better how to drive it since it doesn’t have hand controlled brakes. I feel anyway, generally speaking, still a bit confused 😕

コードギアス 反逆 の ルルーシュ
Thanks to ilGrisa I finally found another nice anime: Code Geass. After the big delusion of Aquarion and the quite boring start of RahXephon I was wondering whether I could find something really well done. Series are always more complicated then movies: they might need more time to be interesting or they simply can lose their meaning after a couple of episodes. But this is not the case of Code Geass, which is terrific at the start and becomes more thrilling and exciting after each episode. I almost can’t wait to see the final episodes next week.

自分を 世界さえも 変えてしまえそうな
瞬間は いつもすぐそばに…

Jibun o Sekai sae mo Kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan wa Itsumo sugu soba ni…

The moment that seems to able to change me and even the world
Is always right by my side…

Harry Potter
Yes, one week after the 5th movie, I’m going to read the 7th and last book. I’m so excited. Luckily the bookshop close to my home is open tonight at 1 o’clock and I already ordered my copy 😛 The drugs do work.