Little earthquakes

Since I’m a man of science I don’t believe in curses (except for a couple of them like Cruciatus, Imperius and in some way even Avada Kedavra). However, today I was really close to reconsider them 😉
I woke up and I went under the shower when a loud crack in the kitchen suddenly called my attention: the glass frame of my beloved Placebo poster crashed down in thousand and one pieces! 😯 Not enough, the pipes below were hefty hit and pulled out from their place at the wall. Such a big mess! And this the day I’m supposed to give my flat to Carmine, a couple of days before I definitively move to Amsterdam.
I pretended this didn’t really happen, I took off the other (soviet) poster as a security measure and I had brunch with Yose, Daniel and Giovanni at Potsdamer Platz. The brunch wasn’t that special but, since the stores were closed, it was nice to enjoy the place without people strolling around like ants.
Later I went home to fix everything (I’m really into the do-it-yourself stuff) and… The small frame, carrying that beautiful picture I bought in Prague with ilGrisa, crashed down too 😯 What the fuck? I thought that the big Placebo poster was too heavy but this reasoning could not be applied to the Charles Bridge picture! Luckily enough none of the pictures were damaged, only the frames and I was careful enough to protect the Родина-мать poster.
As I said before, I am a man of science and I decided that either little earthquakes, building’s settlements or my neighbor were responsible… Anyway… Scary 😕