Sucker train blues

I’m back in Berlin but I still don’t know for how long (it could be one week as well as two). Yesterday I had some troubles with the trains in Amsterdam (which were late) and I almost missed my flight only to discover that it had 2 hours of delay 😦 Absolutely not the right day to travel. This morning was not that better because the strike by the German railways and the S-Bahn was not over yet.
Anyway, yesterday evening I went out with Carmine and Isabelle to Monsieur Vuong where we had a delicious Vietnamese dinner. I don’t know why, but lately I eat almost only Asian food…
Tomorrow I will go to the cinema to watch the new Harry Potter movie even if it’s the part I loved the least and the movies are not as good as the books. But it’s Harry Potter… Expecto Patronum!
Mmm… I forgot what I wanted to blog about! It’s ilGrisa’s fault: he’s bothering me on skype as usual and I can’t post this way 😀


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