I’m slowly turning into you

In Life on July 9, 2007 by Pino

Es ist soweit would a German say: I’m definitively moving to Amsterdam.
Today I signed the contract for a flat in the neighborhood called Bos en Lommer, in the western part of Amsterdam.
The girl who rents me the flat is going to give me even her bicycle and as LonelyPlanet says: get a place to live, a bicycle and you’ll be an insider:mrgreen:
Following Erik’s suggestion I started today changing my profiles here and there with my new hometown… Wow, doing that, in this virtual world, made it more real in my mind. It’s amazing how my mind works… It was not signing the job contract, it was changing my profile on facebook that I realized I was moving to Amsterdam.
On the other hand during the last few days I didn’t miss Berlin, not for a second, I was surprisingly already a part of Amsterdam. This might be connected with St Petersburg, which I miss so much and which is in some way very similar to Amsterdam. Being here is for my eyes and my mind really relaxing.
Before I signed the contract for the flat today I went with Krijn and a couple of his friends (whose name I already forgot) to the opening of the new public library: we had something to drink and eat on the rooftop and we enjoyed one of the best views over the city I ever experienced.
Now I have to go, because it’s late and… the house smells like something is burning… oh god… the kitchen is burning… do I have to call the firefighters? I hope they’re sexy as one thinks… Well, don’t tell Erik about the burning smell:mrgreen:
Aaargh! Aiuto!

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  1. This is too long … tomorrow!

  2. Today!

  3. It’s totally your fault! You posted tomorrow!

  4. Pino, as you’re running away, might you want a pre-runaway drinkchen at Krüger, on Lychenerstr., on Wednesday? Just a regular get-together organised by this chap: who also happens to be this lady – – ‘s gentleman. (Sorry I can’t link properly. Too dim.)

  5. And by the way your flickr account says you’re still a Berliner.

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