Осторожно! Двери закрываются

This is what the recorded voice in the St Petersburg metro says whenever the doors are closing.

And with this sound in my mind I came yesterday back to Berlin 😥
For my last evening there I went by metro to the Автово (Avtovo) metro station which is the most impressive and decorated of the entire system. In fact, there was even a group of Russian tourist on my train who went that far just to take a look at the station. Unfortunately renovation works didn’t give me the chance to take any good picture, you can anyway read the description on wikipedia and see a great picture here.
Later I went to the Vasilevsky Island to cross again the Neva at sunset and enjoy the nice view of the island itself as well of the Hermitage. The night was colder than ever and a very strong and cold wind was blowing, which is why I went to a coffee house to recover and drink a tea. When the bridges opened I went out to say goodbye to my beloved city and take the last pictures 😥
Walking back to the hostel I wanted to buy a bottle of vodka for my guests in Berlin, but sadly the shops yet open 24/7 are not allowed to sell alcohol from 11pm to 7am. I decided then to buy the vodka and the delicious honey sold in the shop next to the hostel only the next morning.
At the hostel, 3am, I met two guys from Boston. One of them wore a funny t-shirt (you can buy here)

There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don’t

They’re on a big European tour: Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and… Switzerland. Switzerland? 😕 Anyway… My English is all but perfect, but at least I don’t say Hermit-age!


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  1. Автово looks so much like any subway station in the City! Like Union Sq or Broadway-Lafayette or the best ever 34th St.

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