1000 oceans

This is my last (whole) day in St Petersburg and probably the last post to be written here. Next updates will be done either by ilGrisa (if important) or in Berlin tomorrow evening.

These tears I’ve cried
I’ve cried 1000 oceans
And if it seems
I’m floating in the darkness
Well, I can’t believe that I would keep
Keep you from flying
And I would cry 1000 more
If that’s what it takes
To sail you home
Sail you home
Sail you home

Yesterday I went out at midnight to see again the bridges opening. I may look quite stupid to do more or less the same tour every night, but that’s so amazing! I mean, it’s just a couple of bridges that open up for ship traffic, there’s nothing really special in that. But there is! If I could only explain in words what it feels to watch them in the night when the sun still enlightens the streets and the river… Aaargh! I know I will never be able to make you understand… You should experience it by yourself I guess, you’ll be not disappointed. Yesterday was anyway a little bit stranger than usual because the weather was rainy and St Petersburg was surprisingly cloudy dark: my eyes were delighted 😉
At the hostel I met an Australian girl who had some troubles in booking a trip to Berlin. She first booked a train but it travels through Belarus which requires a transit visa she doesn’t have. I suggested her then to book the direct flight I will fly tomorrow, but it was too expensive or to travel by bus to Tallin and then with EasyJet from there to Berlin, maybe spending a day in the wonderful Estonian capital. As far as I know she got the train ticket refunded and she will spend a night in Tallin tomorrow or so.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra
Today it was still very rainy and I went to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery where some important Russian people are buried (Dostoevsky among them): what a beautiful and peaceful place!
From there I went to the souvenir market close to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood where sellers were so friendly! Obviously they were continuously asking me to buy something but as soon as I said in Russian that I couldn’t speak that language, they started to talk with me more confidentially (surprised by my good pronunciation 😯 ). A girl from Ukraine told me a lot of thing about the communist propaganda and she asked me to move to St Petersburg with her :mrgreen:
Later I went to the Kuznechny Market to look and smell fruits, fish, spices (dill was everywhere): a really nice experiences for my senses.
Unfortunately I’m really tired: I walked around a lot in the past few days, I experienced a lot and I really need some rest now, mostly because once back in Berlin I have a lot of thing to do, to manage and to think about.
I had a great time here in St Petersburg (my longest trip alone since my InterRail in 2002) and once again, like 5 years ago, I could find myself, understand who I am, what makes me what I am.


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