На здоровье!

Yesterday I spent all the evening at the hostel because today I had to wake up quite early to catch the bus to Novgorod.
A Russian guest had dinner on the common table while I was (trying to) watch TV and he offered me a glass of vodka. Obviously I refused, since I’m teetotaller, but he insisted and eventually I had my shot. На здоровье!
Vodka doesn’t taste bad, but I could appreciate it better if ice-cold…

This morning I woke up at 7 to catch one of the frequent buses to Novgorod. Once at the bus station I bought my ticket and I waited 45 minutes for my bus. The driver was quite unfriendly and eventually explained that the big 1 on the ticket was my place on the bus 😀 I simply didn’t realize before that there was an excellent booking system!
My place was right behind the driver and I could see how difficult was for him to change gear: for the slowest he had even to turn off the bus :mrgreen: I thought we could never be able to drive 3 hours that way…
At half past noon we were in Novgorod: I checked the time for the buses back to St Petersburg and I walked down to the kremlin.
I was expecting a city to visit instead of a well preserved set of ruins, but the excursion to Novgorod was anyway really worth it: miles away from the bustling St Petersburg, Novgorod is quiet and relaxing, almost abandoned. I met a lot of tourists though: French, Italian and German :mrgreen: .
On the way back I caught (how high are the chances?) the same bus driven by the same driver 😯 but at least this time I knew how to behave…
The way back was a bit longer because of some car accidents on the road: when I left Novgorod, indeed, it was raining and here in St Petersburg is quite wet too.
Now I’m relaxing at the hostel, waiting to go out again later to watch the bridges opening.


3 thoughts on “На здоровье!

  1. Can I be the most boring person in the world and say it’s, “На здоровье,” and not, “Иа…”? Just want to make sure you’re ready for every eventuality when you finally fill in your immigration papers…

  2. Иа? Who did write Иа? I didn’t 🙂
    Actually, thanks, I was a bit lost on the russian keyboard and I pressed И instead of Н. The important is that I said it right to the Russian mate 🙂
    Do you think I can now move here? I’m officialy welcome in St Petersburg? 🙂

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