Елагин и Васильевский остров

Yesterday evening I wanted to escape a little bit the traffic and the pollution of the city and I went to the Елагин остров (Yelagin Island) a huge park which looks like the Tiergarten in Berlin, full of couples in love and groups of drunk Russians.
My visit there didn’t start very well because I lost myself trying to follow the walk tour suggested by LonelyPlanet (I still don’t understand where the sphinx monument or the peter’s tree are) :mrgreen: but it was really worth it.
I could finally find some peace strolling through the park but, most important, when I took the metro to Васильевский остров (Vasilievsky Island) I could see the city at its most beautiful (mmm, actually St Petersburg is always at its most beautiful): crossing the Neva at sunset (read: 11pm) when the sun enlighten the Hermitage and all other buildings on the river. Gorgeous.
What I didn’t like was a fountain in the middle of the Neva which was animated by some music: this is something too kitch, unforgivable even for the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.
I went back to the hostel quite soon yesterday because I planned an excursion today and I had to wake up early.