Эрмитаж, Государственный Русский музей и Витебский вокзал

Because the weather this morning was almost cloudy I decided to visit the two most important museum of St Petersburg: the Hermitage and the Государственный Русский музей (Russian Museum).
The first one is housed in the Winter Palace, a masterpiece of Italian architecture, while the second… well, it’s a nice example of Italian architecture too :mrgreen:
Until this morning I didn’t know whether my favourite museum was the MoMA in New York City or the MNAM in Paris, now I’m absolutely sure it’s the Hermitage in St Petersburg… I didn’t visit the whole collection because I can’t stand Egyptian mummies anymore, but the section dedicated to the impressionism and post-impressionism is unrivaled! I had creeps and I was crying, almost suffering while I watched some masterpieces by Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and Кандинский (Kandinsky)… Luckily the usual Picasso’s shit took me back to the reality…

Later I went to the Russian Museum which is focused on, guess what, Russian art and Russian artists. I didn’t spend much time there because I had a look only at the modern, cubist and surrealist part. It was really interesting anyway: Kandinsky (again, he’s the best), Малевич (Malevich) and Петров-Водкин (Petrov-Vodkin) were my favourites.

After a quick lunch at the Чайная Ложка (teaspoon) where I had delicious pancakes and tea I went to the Витебский вокзал (Vitebsky Rail Terminal), the terminus for trains to/from Berlin. The train station is very nice: it looks like a small version of Stazione Centrale in Milan.


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  1. I love the Russian Museum. So manageable after you trot out of the Hermitage. Did you fall in love with Repin? So glad you’re enjoying yourself.

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