Сенная Площадь

Yesterday I went out again around 11pm, walking again along Невский Проспект (Nevsky Prospekt) first and heading then to Сенная Площадь (Sennaya Square), the most recurring place in the Достоевский (Dostoevsky)’s novel Преступление и наказание (Crime and punishment).
Sennaya Square has two souls: the one, decadent, depicted in the novel and the new, full of lights, modern buildings and Mc Donald‘s 😉 It’s really difficult to say which one prevails, which is why I truly love being there.
From Sennaya Square I walked north to the Нева (Neva) river, where its bridges were open for the ship traffic and people were eating, drinking, having fun, enjoying the view. I spent a lot of time on the Neva‘s bank and I will probably repeat the same experience this night. Well, night, let’s call it evening.
Strolling around a city which never gets properly dark is something I already experienced two years ago in Tallin, but in St Petersburg everything is nicer, somehow more familiar and more melancholic. I could even say that I’ve never seen a more beautiful place on earth: this city is simply fantastic.
I already took a lot of pictures and as soon as I’m back home I will upload them for the joy of your eyes 😀 .
Eventually I went back to the hostel at 4am, tired but really satisfied.