I’m having a curious rhythm of life here in St Petersburg 🙂 I woke up today at noon, I walked around the city for 5 hours, now I’m back in the hostel where I will sleep for a couple of hours, I will then go out again (maybe at midnight) and I will be back at 3 or 4am as yesterday (or I should call it today?) to sleep… Luckily, Russians are obsessed with shops and snack bars open ’round the clock.
Today I visited mainly the first city’s settlements, like the Петропавловская крепость (Peter and Paul Fortress) on the so-called Petrograd Side with a stunning view on the Hermitage and the Адмиралтейство (Admiralty). Obviously not before having visited one of the train stations the city is dotted by: Московский вокзал (Moskovsky Rail Terminal). All the trains to Moscow depart from here and the nicest thing to see is a huge plan of the Russian rail transport with all the destinations accesible by train from St Petersburg (Berlin was abviously one of them).