You’ve Already Figured

Saint PetersburgPino is traveling. Quite an easy guess since it’s me and him who’s writing this short update of his whereabouts. He’s now in Saint Petersburg and walking slowly towards the hostel where he’s going to stay for the next ten (or so) days.

Because Pino is Pino, he’s already bitching about the weather: it’s too cold! It’s too warm! Oh my, his complaints are even worse than the usual since he didn’t even figure whether he should complain because the temperature is too cold or because it too hot!

He’s now — namely when he wrote me — in a fake version of Starbucks, sheltering from the cold&hot weather and enjoying some healthy people watching.

The picture is of the Nevsky Prospect where Pino is/was. It’s exactly how I remember it, when I went to the Venice of the North ten years ago. I bet a lot had changed in the past years and I’m curious to see Pino’s pictures to compare them with my memory of that extraordinary city!