Tulpen uit Amsterdam

Yes, today was a really really busy day: I wrote a couple of posts but they’re still drafts…
After my day at Jamba I went to my last Dutch class and, to celebrate, we had some karaoke :mrgreen: Which is why I can now correctly sing Tulpen uit Amsterdam:


2 thoughts on “Tulpen uit Amsterdam

  1. Tulpen öt Amsterdam??? If you have to learn it from that, you’ll have a hard time. He is horrible. Where is he from?

    …and then the painting… We don’t have mountains here? So what’s that at the background of the painting? Are it the Alps and can we look now directly from Amsterdam to the Alps?

    It’s very interesting. Where did you find it?

  2. He’s funny, isn’t he? 🙂 The problem is that I’m even worse singing that song.
    I found him just searching for Tulpen uit Amsterdam on YouTube.

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