The whole shebang

No way. I simply can’t write today; I wrote this post almost ten times without any idea of what I was going to post about. My weekend was very relaxed but also somehow unremarkable 😦
Yesterday I went to Giuliano’s birthday with Isabelle who wasn’t surprisingly the only French-speaking person. Giuliano’s new girlfriend, Cat, is indeed Belgian-German (this is a good mix 😉 ) and most of her colleagues are French. Among them also Stephane, who was trained by eBay together with me: I was really surprised to see him there.
Isabelle was late not because she’s a woman, ok, yes, also because of it, but mainly because she misunderstood my indications to reach the Strandgut: she went to the Hauptbahnhof instead to Ostbahnhof; luckily she hadn’t to catch a train :mrgreen:
Eventually we spent nice time together until I felt so hungry I believed my stomach was digesting the rest of my body… We left the party when the sun was rising (i.e. 3 o’ clock), I had my döner and we went home by S-Bahn. Actually, Isabelle wasn’t really feeling like being alone and me neither but I was too sleepy to spend more time out annoying her with my mental masturbations. We agreed then to meet again today for a brunch at XII Apostel which was supposed to be Italian style and with good value for money.
The brunch was indeed very good even if I prefer crêpes made by Morgenland. At least the place is really close to my home and I had also a nice walk after eating along Kantstraße.
The afternoon was even more unremarkable because I mainly ironed the clothes I will probably wear in St Petersburg next week. Wow, the SPB-day is approaching and I’m getting even more anxious 😕


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