I was finally by the orthopedist: I need a MRI to find out what kind of problem affects my knee. The doctor didn’t find me very surprised because my sister said the same after visiting me a couple of weeks ago in Prague. Actually, I’m quite excited because the MRI is a nice application of the quantum physics (much nicer than the barcode reader at least) and I was always hoping to have one. I even got a drug prescription against the pain I feel everytime I… Well, let’s say always 😉 Luckily I don’t need a walking stick, which is why I still have some differences with Gregory House, while we’re probably both motherfucker :mrgreen: And, believe me, being a misanthrope is a really hard job, considering the do-goodism all around.

Looking for to save my save my soul
Looking in the places where no flowers grow
Looking for to fill that god shaped hole
Mother… mother sucking rock and roll, mother…

This evening I’m going to Giuliano’s birthday party. I met Giuliano almost 4 years ago when we were both at the Italian embassy looking for a job. Eventually I found one and he was employed by eBay just one month after me. We were colleagues just for a short time since I quickly switched to Jamba. Unfortunately we lost each other for a while and I’m glad to see him again: he has a lot of news for me, a new girlfriend among them, but he will be much more surprised by mines 😉