English summer rain

Almost none of my plans for the weekend were fulfilled: on Friday Giovanni had headache, Isabelle too (but for a woman is not surprising) and Desi (who actually organized the evening) went to the bucolic place where she and her family recently bought a caravan on a small lake’s river. I enjoyed then the freshness of my small flat in Charlottenburg watching a couple of House M.D. episodes: now that my knee hurts incessantly (don’t worry, I finally have my appointment with the doctor this Friday) I’m more similar to Gregory House than ever (where is my Vicodin???).

On Saturday I woke up at half past six, I enjoyed my music, I had a nice hot shower, I started to tidy up my flat, I went to H&M to look for some clothes (but I didn’t find any) and I met Isabelle, Yosefine and Daniel at half past eleven for brunch. We ate, as usual, more than enough and after a couple of hours at Morgenland Isabelle and I went to Centro Italia, an Italian supermarket in the far west of Berlin. I was so replete that I couldn’t buy anything: the idea of eating again, even in the future, was too disgusting for me 😉 Isabelle eventually managed to find the wheat for the Pastiera Napoletana, an Italian cake I could die (or, better, kill) for. Now I’m waiting for her to prepare it 😛 Come on, Isabelle, what are you waiting for? Where is my Pastiera?
Later, we went to my place where Isabelle copied borrowed some movies of mines, we bought some DVDs for harmless and generic data storage and we had a delicious ice cream at Lina Krokant (there’s always place for an ice cream in my stomach).
It was 8 o’clock when the sky became dark, almost rainy, and Isabelle left my home to go clubbing (dunno whether she eventually did it). I was exhausted, mainly because of the warmth outside and I didn’t go to the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften because Giovanni was sick and I didn’t want to go there alone.

On Sunday the Bree in me was totally awake and I successfully did my housework until I didn’t feel very good and I had some rest in my bed. Later I had a delicious dinner with sushi, I laid on my bed listening to the music and I slowly fell asleep…


4 thoughts on “English summer rain

  1. Lina Krokant! one of the several I’m missing from Berlin!

    You hadn’t gone to the Lange Nacht? How dare you? Anyway … Sushi dinner sounds an always perfect make-up!

  2. Hi Giuseppe,
    you might want to know that Lina Krokant has her own blog now. We´ve started the blog 2 weeks ago. Feel free to drop us a comment! We´re glad you like the chocolate 🙂

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