Na na na na naa

Here I am with some small talk again. Lately my life is quite ordinary:

  • 08:00 – waking up
  • 09:00 – working
  • 11:00 – 1st passeggiata geriatrica (it’s the break I usually have with Desi in which we walk around the building, I have a small snack and we talk about our lives)
  • 13:15 – lunch break
  • 16:00 – 2nd passeggiata geriatrica
  • 18:00 – preparing to leave work
  • 18:30 – leaving work
  • 19:00 – dining
  • 20:00 – chatting with friends, blogging, watching various tv series (yesterday I finished the second season of House M.D.), movies, listening to music
  • 02:00 – sleeping (trying to anticipate this at least at 1 o’clock)

Actually this is what I was looking for, after two weeks of traveling but I guess it’s going to change quite soon.
During the weekend I’m supposed to finally clean my flat (no Polish slave available here) but I will hopefully get drunk tomorrow at Club der Visionäre with my colleagues; on Saturday I will have a brunch with Isabelle (who shouldn’t be asocial as she planned to be for this weekend), then some shopping for clothes before I go to the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (long night of sciences); on Sunday I will meet Giovanni and Yosefine but we don’t have plans yet…


5 thoughts on “Na na na na naa

  1. Well, you have already answered the question 😉
    Let’s say that tomorrow night (from 5 pm to 1 am) research centers, universities, hospitals and so on will be open to public with some entertaining, food, talks… All about science.

  2. Why? Why would you like to try to mix the “general public” and the “ivory tower”? Why?
    It sounds evil, as evil in a social-democratic country!

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