Satellite of love

Yesterday I had my Dutch class and surprisingly the teacher noticed my absence the previous Tuesday when I was in Milan 😳 : she asked me a lot of things about my business trip but I couldn’t answer better than several ja or nee. In two weeks the course will end and I feel I didn’t learn that much (I’m such a lazy boy) 😦

I was proudly browsing my Lonely Planet about St Petersburg on the S-Bahn this morning when I found

The city of Sankt Pieterburkh was created on 27 May 1703. Named in Dutch, Peter’s favourite language, and after St Peter, who guards the gates to paradise, Peter from the start referred to the city as his own ‘heaven’ in direct opposition to what he considered to be infernal Moscow.

Lonely Planet might probably have written Pieterburkh to emulate the horrible sound of the g in Dutch, which could be hardly considered anyone’s favourite language (just teasing :mrgreen: ). I wasn’t anyway aware of the symbolism about heaven-St Petersburg and hell-Moscow: very interesting explanation, indeed.

As I was expecting, I just got the confirmation that I’m going (together with all my colleagues) to watch The Simpsons Movie on July 25 (one day earlier than the world’s premiere too)! D’oh! So cool!


8 thoughts on “Satellite of love

  1. Pino, is this the guide with a whirling dervish on the front? Between you and me, I know the gent who wrote that book, and even more between you and me, there’s even a little dedicationette to me in it. I’m very proud.

    ABER, I’ve got a feeling I need to learn Italian. Do you know of an amazingly good place to learn Italian in Berlin? I could always try a Volkshochschule, I suppose. But I think someone’s going to ask me to translate something from Italian, presuming, because I know one foreign language, I must know them all. Oh dear. Still, seems like a good opportunity to learn something useful.

  2. Yes, is that one 🙂 Cool to know that you contributed: Lonely Planet is my favorite travel editor.

    Do you need to learn Italian? I never had this feeling (well, actually… another story). You might look on the Technische Universität switchboard: they always have tandem courses or something like this.

  3. Well, need is perhaps the wrong word. I suppose I don’t actually have a bisogno. In any case, I’ve applied to some course or other starting on Monday, as ever is. I’ve completely guessed the level. Haven’t gone for complete beginners, but am horrified to see, upon closer inspection, that the course I’ve applied for seems to be targeted at ‘fortgeschrittene’. Fuck.

    Anyway, weren’t we meant to be organising a Bierchen some time or other?

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