Little Amsterdam

I went last weekend to Amsterdam mainly because of Tori Amos concert on Sunday night. The concert itself was really nice: I would like to say that she’s finally back. Probably not as good as the Strange or the Scarlet’s tours but much better than the previous one at least. She played a lot of songs I like the most (Bliss, Tear in Your Hand, Spring Haze and the beautiful Hey Jupiter) and during the acoustic part (T&Bö.) she was really funny with the Me and My Piano improvisation

So maybe I should have a drink
And you should pass me up right now a Heineken
But I don’t drink beer

Beside the concert I went with Erik and Jörg to Dag van de Bow: a day in which people can more or less freely visit construction sites. We then visited some future station of the Noord-Zuid-Lijn in Amsterdam and even if, unfortunately, there was not really much to see (except for a couple of woofy bricklayer 😛 ) I enjoyed the afternoon.
Later, at home, we watched a lot of episodes of Little Britain, a series I didn’t know, because, usually, British tv shows are not aired in Italy (except for Benny Hill and Mr. Bean, afaik):

We visited also the World Press Photo 07 exhibition in the Oude Kerk which was very interesting even if Istill don’t like this year’s winning picture. My favourite story was about tourists, security forces, and Red Cross workers attending to African migrants who have landed on La Tejita beach on Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Spain. Even the nice pictures of those sweet penguins and serval cat were quite remarkable, while my favourite was, without any doubts, this one by José Cendón.


4 thoughts on “Little Amsterdam

  1. Good you went to see WPP’07 because it’s worth! The pictures of the madhouse in Africa are truly intense and liked them a lot.
    This year winner is not that bad: it’s an interesting photo displaying an unusual scene of riches and destruction.

    Did you like the story on Japanese white-collars?

  2. And btw — I know I’m awful, but what on Earth can I do? — the woman on one of the pictures of your “favorite story” is hot!

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