How to stop a traveling man?

This one will be a crazy week for me.
Tomorrow I’m flying to Αθήνα (Athens, Greece) because of the Champions League’s final match and I will be back on Thursday night.
Friday afternoon I will travel by train to Praha (Prague, Czech Republic) where I will meet my sisters, Giovanna and Daniela, and I will stay with them until Monday.
On Tuesday I will probably be in Milan for business while I will fly to Amsterdam on Friday.
Kill me, please: I’m not going to survive anyway 😉

This evening I’ll have my weekly Dutch lesson (oh fuck, I just realized that I will miss next lesson if I’m in Milan!) and for the first time in my life I did my homework in advance :mrgreen: : am I becoming an old musty bourgeois?
At home, the new episode of Heroes is already waiting for me. Yeah! Afaik it will be the first of a two-part season’s finale.
Yesterday, btw, I watched a really juicy Desperate Housewives‘ episode: Bree is finally back, but she is… actually she’s not… because… and Edie… while Susan… :mrgreen:


6 thoughts on “How to stop a traveling man?

  1. Arry, puoi avere l’onore, tra l’altro per me è un po’ difficile da qui prendere una buona mira :p
    Ma poi non mi sembravano così tanti spoilers, mmm Pino didn’t say anything “compromising” but a che punto sono in Italia con DH? … è arrivato Heroes?!

  2. And I just realized — well I was already noticing something missing — you forgot Lynette! Poor Lynette is in such a hard situation between that and that, because you know …

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