Party girl

On Saturday Stefano and I enjoyed the warm weather traveling to Potsdam and visiting its famous park and castles. The last time I went to Potsdam was, I guess, 4 years ago, when I moved to Berlin and my parents visited me just one month later. It was really nice to visit again such a nice place even if the weather was too hot and unpleasant.
When we left the park we met Emiliano and his Greek colleague (let me call him Αριστοτέλης, because I still didn’t understand his real name) who were ready for the tour we just finished.
Back in Berlin, after a refreshing shower, we went to Rissani in Kreuzberg to have a huge schwarma and felafel dish, before heading to the Volkspark Friedrichshain for a kinda party Tessa and her friend told us the night before.
Unfortunately the party was relocated under a bridge close to Treptower Park 😯 because the police was already guarding the Volkspark… Too bad: it was quite annoying to sit on the cement instead of the grass. Surprisingly Bernat was at that place too and we had nice time all together.
Jamba is definitively too big for Berlin :mrgreen:


4 thoughts on “Party girl

  1. Did you have any kind of highly intellectual discussion with Αριστοτέλης and explain him he may have said something interesting about μετάφυσικά but he was totally, horribly wrong on φυσικά?

  2. “we met Emiliano and his Greek”
    troppo divertente! Credo che tu ti sia dimenticato un “friend” or “boyfriend” or “slave” 🙂
    I miei amici hanno continuato con la solfa del “mio Koreano” per un anno!!!

  3. So any news about weddings? Too bad anyway! I hoped he was the more — ok *that* depends on whom you’re talking to — famous Αριστοτέλης

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