On Friday Stefano was still my guest and I had to take care of him during those few days.
In the daytime I went to work while he visited the zoo and Knut, we met then again for lunch when we ate sushi together with Yosefine and Cecily (the place on Oranienburgerstraße was ok, the sushi delicious, but the value for money was quite low 😉 ). We had a long break, which is why Cecily wanted to work longer that night (it is typical American to call it night even if it’s 6 pm and the sun shines?), she said

I feel guilty, and I’m not even catholic!

This kind of jokes were quite new for me a couple of years ago because in Italy almost everyone is catholic (or pretends to be) and nobody would understand them. I found it anyway funny :mrgreen:
In the evening Desi invited me and Stefano to join her family at I Due Forni where I had a surprisingly tasty Pizza Boscaiola and a couple of glasses of Sambuca 😛
Later, we all went to Tessa, who lives in Kreuzberg. It was a while ago the last time I spoke with her and I finally could practice some Dutch 😉 Her boyfriend is still working for Jamba: I saw him a couple of times in the office but I never realized he was Icelandic. We spent there a couple of hours and Tessa had a present for me: a key ring with small Dutch clogs 😀 I really miss her at work but I’m happy she found something much more interesting at the embassy.


4 thoughts on “Discothèque

  1. Ohhh yeah that’s sooo typical … if she is from the midwest! But consider it’s not so atypical here for people to wake up at 5-6am to go to work.
    But don’t freak out! That’s totally not the case in NYC– even though it’s pretty normal for people to go running *before* going to work. So –you see– I’m just becoming “typical”.

    I really like the new theme!

  2. Ok, now I understandy. She’s from Boston, indeed.

    I also really like the new theme, but it looks different on Windows and Mac 😦

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