Bigmouth strikes again

Did I say I was going to have less stress at work? Well, I was utterly wrong. The new employee, Carmine, has arrived yesterday and I have to introduce him to the team, show him the tools we use, and so on…
Luckily tomorrow is holiday in Germany: I really need a day off.
This evening my friend Stefano will arrive at the Tegel airport, around 22 o’clock: he absolutely wants to go in some clubs, but I’m not really expert, especially when it comes to the straight ones 😀 Actually, I’m not in the mood for a smoky place… I just want some rest… But I could anyway let Stefano go with Emiliano who will join us tomorrow 😉 I met both during a course I attended after the college, now Emiliano is working in München and he will visit Berlin for the long weekend.
Today I had a lunch break with Giovanni, Yosefine and, new entry, Cecily: she’s American and very funny too 😉 Somehow I have now more friends in the online marketing team…
Yesterday I had my weekly Dutch lesson: it was interesting as usual and I was also better than ever 😉 Actually, I have a couple of problems only when the teacher doesn’t speak a clear German and I don’t understand what she wants from me 😀
At home I watched the latest episode of Heroes (Desperate Housewives without Bree is not longer my favorite tv show): cool, the end is coming closer! Btw, Yosefine told me today that she’s in love with Milo Ventimiglia… I didn’t hesitate to give her some posters I found in those teen magazines on which we advertise.


5 thoughts on “Bigmouth strikes again

  1. WHAT?!? Desperate housewives without Bree?!? This is a big spoiler… also because she is my favorite character in that show…
    (I’m watching the first series… so, pleeeeease do not spoiler me again!)


  2. This is not a real spoiler arry: the actress is pregnant and the character is in “holiday” 😉 That’s all.

  3. “on leave” any way … as you may have read from the comment on your next post, Bree will be back for the season finale– of course we – Pino and I – are truly sorry but the first season is soooo far back in time, we’ve almost forgot of what have happened! 🙂

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