108 battles (of the mind)

This was a hard day at work: tomorrow a lot is going to change for which I should be ready. I will have a lot less to do from now on and I’m relieved, but I should really think how my future will look like.

And what happens when we ask ourselves the hard question and we get the answer we’ve been hoping for? Well, that’s when happiness begins.

But let’s talk about something not so serious 😉 Something like… ehm… I don’t really know what 😦 I write anyway this post because it helps me to chill out, especially because I’m listening to nice music in the meanwhile.
Luckily I just watched the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and my mind was for 45 minutes in Wisteria Lane instead of being here. If only the whole episode wasn’t all about big steps
Wednesday my friend Stefano will visit me and he will stay until Sunday: I’m looking forward for his visit because we both have a lot to say to each other.


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