Prayer for the weekend

Yesterday I woke up later than planned (I’m not as good as ilGrisa 😦 ), but I managed to clean my flat before meeting Giovanni, Yosefine and Daniel at IKEA.
The S-Bahn was full of Herta BSC supporters who were traveling back home after the match at the Olympiastadion. They stank of beer and sweat 😕 more or less the same smell I have when I go to some concerts, but I’m obviously more allowed to stink than them :mrgreen: .
Anyway, after this unpleasant experience I got off at Südkreuz (it’s always very pleasant to visit that nice station) and I was suddenly just 800 meters away from Sweden… On the walkway to IKEA I realized how small Berlin can be: I met two other colleagues (Manuela and her boyfriend whose name I forgot, but it’s not important because she is too hot for him anyway 😛 ).
Eventually I met my friends and we had a couple of hours of funny shopping for useless things 😉 . Do you also buy something you find interesting but you’re unsure what you’re going to use it for? We also had some cake and coffee at the restaurant and we had fun talking about some of our most unfriendly colleagues (I already mentioned one a couple of posts ago :mrgreen: ). Yosefine is a really nice Indonesian girl: Giovanni introduced her to me a couple of weeks ago and we’re having lunch together quite often. Yesterday I finally met her… the guy she’s dating, Daniel: German and really sweet. The weather suddenly changed from sunny to rainy when we walked to the bus stop and the rain stopped exactly in the moment we caught the bus. I was so wet I couldn’t believe I was myself 😉 .
Giovanni and I went to his place to watch the Eurovision Song Contest: the show wasn’t that pleasant as last year in Athens but in some moments very funny anyway. Even if my favorite song was The Worrying Kind by The Ark I eventually voted for Ukraine because the performer was too cool! How can one not love her? 😉
But Serbia won with a harrowing song 😕 sang by a lesbian Kelly Osbourne’s clone: disgusting. Other songs were… how to say… multilingual: Cyprus had a French song, Latvia an Italian one, Israel, Romania and Ukraine a mixed one…

Comme ci comme ça, la vie y passe
Et les beaux moments nous dépassent
Comme ci comme ça, l’amour casse
Routine et paresse nous menacent
Comme ci comme ça, je n’en peux plus
Je suis déçue, tu m’as perdue
Je reste pas là, comme ci comme ça
La fin voilà, comme ci comme ça

When the show was over I went home with the U-Bahn and I finally rode also the U4 (the shortest underground in Berlin): now I can say I used all the Berliner lines.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for the weekend

  1. You can’t beat the master! :p

    The Eurovision Contest. I never watched it, but for what I saw it looks like the Competition of Trash … not my kind of show.
    And by the way, is the Ukrainian singer rediscovered the 80s song Eins Zwei Polizei?

  2. Well, defining the ESC is not so easy… The Ukrainian singer was really trash but in a positive way, really funny, and she got the second place. You should have seen the British ones (second-to-last) 😉 But as far as I understood this is what they want: being utterly trashy.
    The most beautiful song was the Hungarian: a nice blues sang by a nice voice. Maybe too nice for the ESC.

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