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This post was supposed to begin with

I’m not really communicative in the last time

but as soon as I wrote those words, something really big happened in the office and now I have a lot to talk about 😉
Isabelle lost this morning her wallet (or it was stolen, it’s still not really clear) with all her documents, credit cards (both French and German) and € 300 she withdrew only 5 minutes before. What a bummer!
Her biggest problem began outright: she had a flight to Lyon this evening and the only one document she had was an expired Italian passport.
Which is why I went with her to the police station first and then to the French embassy.
At the police station we had a really friendly talk with a policeman who collected all the information needed and gave (obvious) suggestions for a safer street behavior.
Later we went at the French embassy in the most central part of the city, at the Brandeburger Tor, while it was terribly raining. The woman at the desk was a mix of French unkindness and pride and German bureaucracy: Isabelle could get a paper to go to France but nothing to come back to Berlin when her holidays are over :mrgreen: .

About my speechlessness I hinted at the beginning of this post: I have to make some professional decisions and I’m quite clueless about what I should actually do. The sense of weakness I’m experiencing now is somehow affecting my blogging skills…