Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?

The Waaggebouw in AlkmaarLast Saturday Erik, Jörg and I went to Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market, to visit its historic center and discover another part of Noord-Holland: it is really nice and pleasant like any other cities I visited in the Netherlands.
Later we drove to Bergen aan Zee with Jörg GPS navigator’s help for some sunbathing on the beach.
On Sunday we visited some Amsterdam surroundings, like Weesp and Muiden: I finally rode a bike for a couple of kilometers and it was great, if only my right knee didn’t hurt so much.
Somehow, when I travel to the Netherlands I feel like I was back in my childhood: nature, bike riding, beaches, the only thing different is the absence of mountains :mrgreen: .
Anyway, on Sunday evening we went out to start celebrating the upcoming koninginnedag (queen’s day, the Dutch national holiday): we met a lot of friends and we enjoyed the people partying around the city.
Grote Kerk in Haarlem On Monday, the actual queen’s day, we rode again the bike to the city center where children were allowed to sell whatever like in a huge flea market. People were celebrating everywhere, it was amazing! I usually don’t like the crowd but the atmosphere was really nice and I really enjoyed it. I even got drunk for a short time; well, maybe not drunk but brillo 😉 It was my friends fault! That oranjebitter tasted so good! Unfortunately it finished far too soon and with it also that feeling of being in a body without control 😉 A men I met there, Ulli from Odense, Denmark, promised to send me the pics he took of me… Before I post them, they will be first validated as appropriate 😉
Later we went to friend’s houseboat (so cool!), we ate pasta (actually cooked very good, the only mistake was to offer spoons instead of forks to eat it) and we listened to some very famous German-Dutch music I actually never heard before :mrgreen: .
The monster, AmsterdamThe next day, May 1, wasn’t holiday in the Netherlands and Erik had to go working while me and Jörg went to Haarlem (the original one, not the New York Manhattan’s borough): another pleasant and cute Dutch city. We also went on the terrace of a shopping center to drink something and enjoying a nice view over the town.
On May 2 I had my flight back to Berlin but only in the evening, which is why I strolled again around Amsterdam, took some pictures, went to the flower market and bought some pralines at Puccini Bomboni.
And also my longest stay in Amsterdam quickly came to an end…


3 thoughts on “Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?

  1. Harlem is a neighborhood of Manhattan not a borough of New York! 😉
    The word for brillo is tipsy. Happy to hear you had a great time in the Netherlands, not that I had any doubts.

  2. Oh sorry, when you’re right, you’re right.
    Are you sure about tipsy? Of course you are, but in my dictionary, tipsy is referred as unstable, very drunk, which I wasn’t…

  3. I usually used tipsy in the sense of being brillo, namely when one is unsteady and unstable, not necessarily very drunk.

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